How to Read the Entire Bible in 2018

Each year we make a New Year’s resolution that will help better us. In this article, we will outline a way to follow a resolution of how you can read the entire bible by the end of 2018.
• Take the amount of pages that are in the bible that you are choosing to read and divide it by 365. This will give you an understanding of how many pages you need to read each night. This will also help you understand that if you missed a day, for any reason, how many pages that you need to make up. If you prefer to break it down other ways, that is fine. Just determine which works for you and break it up evenly. Even if you know there are specific days that you cannot read it will help you know what you need to make-up the following week.
• Time yourself so you are able to understand how long it takes you to read. Understanding how long you read will allow you to understand how much time you need to set aside each day to read your allocated amount of pages. If you know that you need to read 10 pages per day and it takes you approximately 6 minutes to read a page, you know that you need to set aside 60 minutes each day. Make sure that you designate a consistent time each night that you are able to read the Bible. If you typically go to bed at 10 o’clock, consider retiring to the bed around 9 and allocating the last hour for reading.
• Understand when your focus is at its best. You want to get through the bible but you also want to read and take in the information that you are learning in the bible. Therefore, if you are a better reader in the morning, set aside your allocated time in the morning. Likewise, if you are a better reader in the evening, set the time aside in the evening. This may mean that you need to wake up earlier than you typically would. Therefore, make sure you have ways that you can be held accountable.
• Read with others or join some bible study class that will hold you accountable. If you read with others or you make a goal with others, you are able to hold each other accountable. Have sessions or small chats after you’ve read the allocated amount to see what each of you have learned. This will also allow you to see how others are interpreting the bible while also giving you an incentive to make sure you stay on target. It is easy to let slip from your personal goal but it becomes more difficult if you feel you are also impacting someone else’s goal.
• If reading is not your cup of tea, consider getting an audio bible. This will allow you to get through the bible at any given time. If you are driving in the car, you can play the audio and listen to the bible. If you are at work and able to put in earphones, you can listen to the bible at that time.