How I Finally Got Sober

Unfortunately, many people in America suffer from addiction today. I, myself, am a recovered drug addict and alcoholic. While I do believe that there is a genetic component to addiction, I also believe that we are also addicted to sin. One of the only ways we can overcome our addictions is by leaning on our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

I went to rehab and tried to get sober many times. And I relapsed many times. So how did I finally get sober? I turned to Jesus. I went to church one day with my best friend, and it completely changed my life. The pastor gave a talk that day about addiction. (He was speaking in the more general sense about how we’re all addicted to social media, computers, television, etc.) I decided right then and there to pray to accept Jesus Christ into my heart. I picked up a copy of The Bible, and I checked myself into rehab.

Rehab was wonderful for me. It completely shifted my perspective. But what made it the most effective was that they were willing to integrate Christian teachings into my treatment. I read The Bible every night. I stayed in rehab for 30 days, and after I got out, I didn’t relapse again. I have been clean and sober ever since.

Now, I have an amazing job, I am engaged to a wonderful woman, and I play guitar for my church’s band. Nothing gives me more joy than getting up every Sunday and playing my heart out for the congregation. And I am grateful to God every day for helping me to overcome my addiction.

So if you are struggling with addiction, I ask you to look to Jesus for comfort, for answers. Don’t get me wrong. You still need to go to rehab. You still need to get help from the addiction specialists, counselors, and physicians. But most importantly, you need to get help from Jesus. And He will be there for you if you just call on Him.